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Pet Travel and Shipping: The Trusted Choice for Pet Transportation

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Pet Travel and Shipping: Where Pets Fly First Class

Get live Status and Geolocation of your Pets in Transit

At Pet Thriver, we know how much you care about your pets and how anxious you may feel when they are traveling with us. That’s why we offer you a live status and geolocation service that lets you track your pets’ location and condition in real time. With our service, you can: Access a secure online portal where you can see your pets’ exact location on a map Receive regular updates on your pets’ health and well-being from our veterinarians Contact our customer support team anytime if you have any questions or concerns Our live status and geolocation service gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your pets are safe and happy during their journey. Pet Thriver: The ultimate pet delivery service for happy pets and happy owners!


Pet Thriver Logistics Presents you a large range of service which will best fits your Pet relocation, travel and much more

Pet Transit

How to Prepare Your Pet for Traveling by Air or Land Whether you need to fly your pet by air or transport your pet by land, we can help you


Pet Travel and Shipping

Making Your Pet’s Journey a Breeze We also keep you updated on your pet's status and location at all times. You can track your pet's flight


Premium Service

If you are ready to book your pet's flight or transportation with us, simply visit our online reservation system and fill out the form with your details and preferences


Your PUPPY to your home in all health safety

Depending on where you are traveling to and from, you may need to follow certain regulations regarding pet transportation. For example, some airlines may have specific requirements for crate size, weight limit, breed restriction or documentation for pets traveling by air. Some countries may also have quarantine rules or import restrictions for pets entering their borders.

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What Our Clients Says

Here are Some reviews and testimonials of Breeder, and families who use our services to transport or relocate their lovely pets

Guthrie and Family

I have being so amazed by the efforts Pet Thriver's Logistic made for us to receive our Dog from Canada into California. After all this years they've always being the Best

Linda Guthrie

Pet Lover

Pet Breeder

We will always use Pet Thriver's For relocating or shipping any of our puppies. We have being using them for close to a decade now and we are always satisfied by thier amazing services.

Smithson Home Puppies

Pet Breeder

Reach Your Place Sure & Safe